Concrete Cutting

Our experienced team of mobile operators are supported by a full back up Maintenance and Field Service Team, the Diamond and Saw Drilling Association and Independent Health and Safety Consultants.

Our team have qualifications including CSCS, NVQ Level 2 Drilling & Sawing and National Safety Initiative Course CCNSG.

Our managers also have SSSTS Certificates and training. 

Our Concrete Cutting also includes:

  • Diamond Drilling
  • Diamond Sawing
  • Diamond Ring Sawing
  • Wall and Wire Sawing

Diamond Cored Drilling is a non percussive drilling method which gives smooth sided holes ranging from 6mm up to 600mm diameter with virtual unlimited depths. Diamond Core Drilling can be used for precise drilling or a series of adjacent holes can be stitch drilled to form large openings if required in both concrete walls and floors where applicable.

 Diamond Coring rigs can be used both horizontally and vertically with the option of vacuum pad attachment if required.

 Diamond Coring rigs have various power options with the diamond core bits water cooled. This tecnhique therefore creates a low noise, dust free and non vibration alternative to both the operative and the client.

Diamond core stitch drilling for detachment cut into a 1.4m deep heavy reinforced concrete beam.

Diamond core drilling opening stitch drilled into manageable blocks and removed to skip

Diamond core drilling on a curved wall showing a range of sizes!

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