Diamond Floor Sawing

Diamond Floor Sawing

Denver Drilling Services have a variety of both small and large diamond floor saws with achievable cutting depths up to 500mm if required. Diesel, petrol and gas converted driven saws are used as a fast and efficient way of achieving horizontal cuts in flat surfaces such as road surfaces, bridge decks, pavements and concrete floor slab areas. 

In addition to petrol/diesel powered saws, Denver Drilling Services also have a range of 3 phase electric powered saws such as the Goltz 23 kilowatt 3 phase saw which is capable of cutting depths of up to 600mm. Electric saws enable saw cutting to be carried out in a working environment within existing buildings such as factories, industrial units, shops, stores and offices. The saws themselves are powered by a 63amp 3 phase power supply which alleviates any exhaust fumes hazards to other persons within the surrounding areas, and also ensures lower noise level output.

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