Controlled Demolition

Controlled Demolition

Our Services Include:

  • Robotic Demolition
  • Hydraulic Concrete Crunching
  • Hydraulic Concrete Bursting
  • Soft Strip

Denver Drilling Services have recognised the need to continually update our equipment to keep up with the latest available technology required in the controlled demolition industry. We are today equipped with the most modern equipment available, enabling us to provide for all controlled demolition project requirements. 

Brokk Robotic Controlled Demolition

Along with hand crunching and bursting techniques, Denver Drilling Services have also recognised the requirement for alternative machines that can accommodate large controlled demolition projects. With this in mind, we now operate the Brokk Robotic Demolition Machines which can operate in confined spaces, in weight and restricted areas, and are remote controlled for safer operation. 

The operative controls the machine from a control box which is connected to the machine by cables and radio signal. The machine itself is powered by 3 phase electric, eleviating exhaust fumes and ensuring low noise output. The Brokk Robotic machine also offers the complete solution to any potential HAVS problems.

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