Concrete Bursting

Burster head insertion for Concrete Bursting

Burstin offers a noise free, quiet abd efficient method of controlled demolition especially in confined space areas such as foundations, columns, beams and internal concrete walls.

Holes are pre-drilled using non percussive diamond coring rigs in the concrete structure to be demolished. On completion the burster head (which contains two pistons) is inserted into the required demolition grid hole. Hydraulic pressured provided by 3 phase power, diesel or petrol packs are then applied to the bursting head until such time as the build up of applied piston pressured inside the holes induces cracks in the conrete structure. The cracking itself follows the grid of weakness created by the previously drilled holes. The bursting process continues and is repeated until such time that the entire structure has been fractured into smaller sections enabling debris removal to take place. Once again, with no hand arm vibration, bursting can elimate any potential HAVS problems.

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