Steel driven cased piles offer a suitable alternative for a wide range of conditions when piling into sands, gravel, clays, and typically when driving through fill, overburden, and into bedrock. The advantage of cased piles is minimal spoil is generated, good axial and sheer capacity, prevention of concrete/grout loss (thus ensuring the pile integrity) and minimal site preparation.


Denver Drilling Services specialise in providing solutions to all types of foundation problems and offer a full design and installation package for all mini piling requirements. Our fleet of TD610 hydraulic mini piling/drilling rigs are designed to drill up to 500mm diametre augered piles, and can also be used for the rotary percussive bottom is driven steel tube piling. With a 100mm diameter, hollow main shaft in the rotation head concrete can be pumped directly to the bottom of the pile for C.F.A work. This makes the TD610 the ideal mini piling rig to overcome any difficult operating conditions such as restricted access, difficult ground, limited headroom and environmental restrictions.

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